The Toil of Removing Soil: 3 Back-Friendly Ways to Dispose of Excavation Waste

Soil weighs a ton. That's why shifting it without the appropriate tools can be backbreaking work. Moreover, if your back isn't in the best condition, you're going to need all the help you can get. If your latest landscaping or outdoor renovation project has left you with a pile of soil and rocks, make sure you choose a method of disposal that won't put your back out.

Fortunately, you have a number of back-friendly options to choose from.

Hire a Walk-in Skip Bin

When removing earth for a construction project, such as a new swimming pool, unless you are hiring machinery, your back is likely to be under considerable strain. Whether you have a shovel or wheelbarrow, having to lift each load over the lip of a skip bin can be dangerous work. One wrong slip or twist and you could find yourself with a nasty back injury.

The most convenient, and safe, way to dispose of soil by hand is with a walk-in skip bin. The ability to walk inside the skip to dump the soil means that you won't be forced to do lift heavy loads above waist or shoulder height. Not all skip bin providers offer walk-in skip bins, however. If you are unable to hire a walk-in skip bin, the next best thing is a skip with a ramp.

Use a Wheel-Barrow and Ramp

Some skip bins come with ramps. These make it easy to wheel your soil into the skip bin without the need for heavy lifting. If your skip bin does not have a ramp, make your own. Otherwise, you'll be forced to lift a heavily loaded wheelbarrow up onto the lip of the skip bin, and that is extremely risky.

Using bricks or pavers, and several sturdy planks of wood, build a ramp that allows your wheelbarrow to reach the lip of the skip. It is then simply a matter of tipping the soil into the skip bin. However, if the wheelbarrow ever starts to tip to the side, release it and get out of the way.

Hire a Rubbish Removal Service

One of the safest ways of getting rid of dirt is simply to hire a rubbish removal service to do it for you. Although it will cost you more than you might like, doing this will allow you to complete your work faster and protect your back from injury.

Your safety should always come first. Even a minor back injury can leave a project costing you more time and money than you would like.