Two blunders that people often make when they rent their first skip bin

People who have never rented a skip bin before often make certain blunders when they first hire one from a rubbish removal firm. Here are two of the most frequent errors made by these individuals.

Putting highly flammable fluids into their bin 

Rubbish removal businesses often advise their customers against throwing highly flammable fluids into their bin, particularly if the bin will also be filled with any wooden items that could potentially act as kindling. However, many first-time users of skip bins make the mistake of ignoring this advice.

For example, when a person in this situation is clearing out their garage or tidying up after a redecorating project, they may decide to toss things like turpentine-soaked cloths and open bottles of lighter fluid into the bin, along with an assortment of other things that could help to start a fire, such old clothes, timber and carpeting.

This error is normally the result of these people mistakenly assuming that because they have no intention of going anywhere near the bin with an ignition source, then there is no risk of the contents of the bin catching on fire. Unfortunately, if the bin is located in the front of their home, in an area that is accessible by strangers, the risk of the rubbish being set on fire is quite high.

For example, if someone who is walking by the bin happens to have just finished smoking a cigarette and throws the still-burning stub into the bin, the items that are soaked in the aforementioned fluids could create a massive fire in seconds. Similarly, if the person's next-door neighbour makes a bonfire in their garden and the sparks from this land in the bin, the contents could go up in flames very quickly. This may then be followed by the fire spreading beyond the confines of the bin.

Not fully utilising the available space in the bin that they rent

People who have no previous experience with renting these types of bins often struggle to fully utilise the available space in the bins that they pick. This can lead to them either having to get the bin emptied by the rubbish removal business sooner than they had planned or having to order a second bin. These consequences can be inconvenient and can make the process of renting this object more expensive than it needs to be.

This particular mistake is most often caused by people throwing their refuse into the bin without giving any thought as to where in the bin particular items should go (or if they need to be dismantled or altered before being thrown in), in order to maximise the amount of empty space that is then left for further rubbish.

For example, if a person throws a fully-intact and very long dining table into the bin, it will take up much more space than if they had taken off the legs first. Likewise, if they toss an old foldable bed into the bin in its extended position, instead of folding it up beforehand, it will take up far more room than is really necessary.