A Guide to Appropriate Sharps Collection.

Sharps are objects whose edges are pointed and have the ability to puncture the skin on contact. Their presence in the environment constitutes a hazard that is cumbersome to address at institutional and individual levels. There are some proven ways to dispose of sharps without compromising the safety of the environment. Sharps present a problem while eliminating because some, like crushed glass, may be difficult to handle safely. The following are some proven sharps collection methods that do not elevate risk levels associated with the handling of such materials. [Read More]

The Toil of Removing Soil: 3 Back-Friendly Ways to Dispose of Excavation Waste

Soil weighs a ton. That's why shifting it without the appropriate tools can be backbreaking work. Moreover, if your back isn't in the best condition, you're going to need all the help you can get. If your latest landscaping or outdoor renovation project has left you with a pile of soil and rocks, make sure you choose a method of disposal that won't put your back out. Fortunately, you have a number of back-friendly options to choose from. [Read More]